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When it comes to house or building relocations, the team at Coffey House Removals 2007 has you covered. We provide a comprehensive suite of expert services throughout Blenheim, Marlborough, Nelson, Golden Bay and Kaikoura. In addition to the relocation services, we provide onsite repositioning and much more. We pride ourselves on meeting your specifications and working within your budget. Explore our range of quality relocation and moving services or contact us to find out more. 

We offer Class I and Class II piloting of over-dimensional loads and foundation assessments.

Repiling and releveling

Need reliable repiling and releveling services? Our experienced professionals utilise hydraulic jacks to raise your house, replace or install new piles and lower your building back down - stable and even. Repiling prevents structural damage to your home if your piles have shifted or started to rot away. Keep your house in top shape by repiling and releveling with Marlborough’s best. 

Buying and selling

If you’re wanting to clear your site and build the home of your dreams, let us take care of your old building and existing structures. We buy houses for removal, saving you the hassle of demolition during buying and selling. Our service includes escort pilots for wide loads and building insurance while in transit. Visit our ‘houses for sale’ page for the latest on available homes. 

We can organise your local council documentation required to clear your site

Home and building relocation

We specialise in the transportation of different types of houses and buildings, including historic buildings. 

We’re able to assist in the consent process and help you achieve the best result possible. Our specialists can supply and place new foundations for your relocation. 

We also perform onsite moves if you’re looking to subdivide your property. 

Find out more about our extensive range of services. Call us on 03 578 9192.

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